ESL GAMES: Ice Breakers

When you're starting a new class or have new students coming into a class, try using these ice-breaking activities to let everyone get to know each other!

Circle Memory Sentences

A good icebreaker, warm up, or review speaking activity for all levels.

Ideas, Thoughts, and Opinions

This is a good activity either as an icebreaker or for a general conversation class. It works best with upper-intermediate to advanced level students. It is a good way to get the students to express their opinions, and for other students to ask follow-up questions. This can also be used in a one-on-one conversation class.

The Symbol Game

A simple icebreaker similar to the game Phonics Hammer.

Murder Winks

A classic party game that can be easily adapted to the classroom.

Teacher Introduction

This is a game that can be used for introducing yourself. It is useful on the first day of a new class and works best with older students, but can be used with younger students as well.

Student Introductions

This is a good game to play on the first day of class. It helps the students get to know each other, and it also helps the teacher remember students’ names.

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